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Food was lovely

Fast delivery. Forgot popadom and mint sauce though :(
placed by Mark Richards on the 21st May 2019

really nice

nice clean food it was spot on A+++
placed by ricky grant on the 16th May 2019

Was nice aye

Enjoyed was nice
placed by Mark Richards on the 16th May 2019

Mostly good

Order was a bit late but only by 10 minutes and food was hot and freshly cooked. Have ordered before and will do so again.
placed by Stephen Marks on the 9th May 2019

Very nice food

Great restaurant with friendly staff and great food.
placed by Robert Cunningham on the 8th May 2019


Great food, well cooked and plenty of it.
placed by shaun sullivan on the 6th May 2019

Home Delivery

Food was good as was the delivery. Have ordered many times from this restaurant and find it quite reliable.
placed by Stephen Marks on the 6th May 2019


The food wasn’t very nice an extreamly expensive I wouldn’t have it again 34 pound and it went to the dog disgusting chicken was awful wouldn’t recommend again
placed by Anonymous on the 6th May 2019

Horrific delivery time

Order every week the foods lovely but the delivery time is awful ordered at 6 said an hour called at 7.30 said it's left. 8pm came I rang and queired wether my food was now going to be cold as half an hour is a long time for my food to be sitting there. I'm not ordering here anymore it's just to long a wait
placed by Susan Clyant Williams on the 3rd May 2019

Very delicious as always

the nawabi roll was exquisite it was all perfect however i would say that the chicken used in the vindaloo tastes old
placed by Anonymous on the 30th April 2019

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